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Wind Mitigation Inspections

Roof Condition Inspections

You should choose me to be your Wind Mitigation Inspector or Roof Condition Inspector because I am a Certified Master Inspector, a Florida Licensed General Contractor and a Florida Licensed Home Inspector.  The chances on finding someone with more qualifications is slim to none.  The reason that is important is because you want the best of the best to perform this inspection for you. A Wind Mitigation Inspection is the ONLY inspection that can save you money on your insurance rates.  This is definitely not the job for the cheapest fly by night inspector or the largest Insurance Inspection Companies out there.  They typically hire the least experienced inspectors because they can pay them the lowest percentage of their fees.  The result of hiring those types to do your Wind Mitigation Inspection could be you paying much more on your insurance rates than necessary. If you want the best make sure I personally do your inspection.

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