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Do not be fooled by my competition, a bunch of clowns.  You have seen them, those promising $50 Wind Mitigation or 4 Point Inspections until you get to their site.

We are Wind Mitigation Specialist.  We also do Four Point Inspections and Citizen's Roof Condition Reports.

                              Summer Special. 

10th person to book each day gets 50% off!

All special prices have scheduling restrictions

If the site is this easy to use imagine how easy the process must be with me.

Call right now to book your spot


South Florida's Best Wind Mitigation Inspector.

I consulted for InterNACHI on their Wind Mitigation Training Video for Insurance Inspectors and am known by my peers as a Wind Mitigation and Insurance Inspection Expert.  I an now an InterNACHI Professor at House of Horrors II in Weston, Florida

$40.00 In Broward for 1 Bedroom 1 Bath Single Family Home or Condominium Wind Mitigation Inspection or Roof Condition Inspection $100.00 regularly.

$100.00 & Up.  Wind Mitigation Inspection or Roof Condition Inspection. Advertised price good for property up to 2000 square feet and within 30 minutes of my location.  $150.00 is the regular price Any requested additional research requested can be done for an additional fee if needed, normally not needed. 



         I am Michael John Meeker one of my specialties are performing Wind Mitigation Inspections.  As a Wind Mitigation Inspector I can possibly help save you a lot of money on you insurance by doing a Wind Mitigation Inspection.  As a Wind Mitigation Inspector I document and verify all of the issues that may affect your Wind Mitigation Inspection.  As one of the best Wind Mitigation Inspectors in Florida I even consulted with InterNACHI on making their training video about how to perform Wind Mitigation Inspections as a Wind Mitigation Inspector.  You can possibly save over 20% easily when you get a Wind Mitigation Inspection performed by a trained Expert Wind Mitigation Inspector.  Remember if you need Wind Mitigation or a Wind Mitigation Inspector or a Wind Mitigation Inspection be sure to call me right away.  I have performed thousands of Wind Mitigation Inspections since beginning around 2008 or so. Even If you do not hire me as your Wind Mitigation Inspector make sure you get you Wind Mitigation Inspection from a trained inspector.  All advice on Wind Mitigation Inspections or how to find a good Wind Mitigation Inspector are always free.  

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